Theater Unspeakable

Based in Chicago, Theater Unspeakable (TU) is a touring children’s theater company that creates original shows based on well-known topics. Every year, the company tours its shows to hundreds and thousands of young people and families around the country. Tours have included Lincoln Center Education (NY), John F. Kennedy Center (DC), Palo Alto Children’s Theatre (CA) and Chicago Children’s Theatre (IL).

The signature of the company’s work is “Big Stories in Small Spaces”. Many of its shows are performed on a three feet by seven feet platform raised two feet off the ground. On this tiny stage, seven actors create all the characters, scenery and props with only their bodies and their voices. In our fifty-minute shows, each actor plays about a dozen different characters -- and objects! -- by simply changing their body language and how they speak. The company’s style strives to create live theater at its most imaginative and engaging.

Let’s Make History Productions LLC

Let’s Make History Productions (LMH) is dedicated to providing high quality, family-friendly entertainment for the historically curious spectator. Its primary vision is to establish a long-running production of TU’s “The American Revolution” in Old City Philadelphia because of a shared belief in the show’s ability to teach visitors to Philadelphia’s historic district about the origin story of the country’s founding in a fun, quick and engaging format.

LMH is a collaboration between TU’s Artistic Director Marc Frost and TU’s booking agent Simon Shaw.